Hilti Rebar Grouting

Rebar grouting is the procedure followed where   a new extension is to be done over the existing RCC structure to make way for New Slabs, Chajjas, Steel bars not as per required Drawing. New holes are drilled as per Designs and grouted effectively – both in dry and Wet Structures. We also focus on Client’s requirement and site conditions and provide our technical knowledge and Experience for effective depths required to be anchored for safe load transfer to new structures to be casted.

Hilti Rock Anchoring

Rock Anchoring is done on hard stratas where further Excavation cannot be carried out due to site Conditions and restraints. In such cases Drilling is done up to Design Depth using  High Powered Pneumatic Electric or Diesel Machines  and the same is grouted either by steel bars or with High yield Strength Bolts. It helps to uphold the uplift pressures from soil strata beneath and also provides safe platform for new structures above.

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Retro Fittings

At sites where the structure is to be raised for extra floors or to treat for damaged steels, depending on Consultants decision treatme 

Diamond Cutting

In Infrastructure works such as RCC Road making Diamond cutting machines are deployed to cut 50 mm depth at specific intervals. 

Structural Repairing Work & Maintenance

We also undertake works of Buildings which are old or which requires urgent attention .Proper Teamwork and procedure

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