Repairing Work & Maintenance

We also undertake works of Buildings which are old or which requires urgent attention .Proper Team work and procedure is followed so as to treat and rectify the damage structure. Areas prone to water seepage are treated with waterproof chemicals , Rusted bars are exposed and treated with epoxy bond and new bars are inserted in its place. All Safety norms for labours – Helmet, Jacket, Safety shoes ,safety harness at site with safety net / green net all around the place of work.
Proper curing is done to plastered surfaces and care is taken so as to avoid nuisance to the members during work. Proper cleaning before leaving the site is done .Care is taken so as increase the durability of the structure.

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Rebar, Bolt Fixing & Rock Anchoring

Concrete surfaces are drilled and Grouted with Either Hilti, Fischer chemicals and either Steel bars or chemical

Retro Fittings

At sites where the structure is to be raised for extra floors or to treat for damaged steels, depending on Consultants decision treatme 

Diamond Cutting

In Infrastructure works such as RCC Road making Diamond cutting machines are deployed to cut 50 mm depth at specific intervals. 





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